Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA)

Operating Plans - Sakâw Askiy Management Inc.

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc - Sustainable Forest Management

Guided by it’s a Forest Management Plan and shareholder business requirements, annual operating plans are created by each shareholder and then compiled by Sakâw for submission to government for approval.

These plans illustrate where various activities such as road building and harvesting are slated to occur on the landbase.  

Current Operating Plan maps are provided below.

Annual Harvest Plans

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Sakaw 16-17 TWCP Permit-signed_Redacted.pdf

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16-21 Plan Approval Letter-signed_Redacted.pdf

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FMA Standards and Guidelines  PA April 2011.pdf



Sakâw Askiy Management Inc., holds the Forest Management Agreement and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on harvesting, hauling and silviculture operations.


The total area (land, water, swamp) of the FMA is 3.3 million hectares with 2.6 million being forested.  Timber harvesting is expected to be possible on 1.6 million hectare or 58% of the forested area.  


Sakâw is currently operating under the existing Forest Management Plan established by Weyerhaeuser Canada. The new Management Plan is scheduled for completion in 2017.


Sakâw, through its member companies, compiles an operating plan each year describing the activities that are planned to occur (harvesting, road building, etc).


Sakâw, introduces 2015 Forest Management Plan - Working Plan and Public Advisory documents.

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2017-2022 Sakaw Askiy Operating Plan_Executive Summary_December_1_2016_Final_v1.pdf

Corporate Operations

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Operating Plan Web Map:

   (Updated: 12/01/2016)

What’s New…

Public Information Sessions will be held on

 October 16 - 20.

We are seeking your comments on the Draft Forest Management Plan and the 2018-2023 Operating Plan.

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A web map of the Sakâw Forest Management Area is available at the link below. The map’s contents reflect the 2017 operating plan and is currently under development.

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